B52 Shot

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July 7, 2011 by Fifth @ Food Snob Squared

The  brand is Twisted Shotz, the flavor is B52. It’s half coffee creme liqueur and half orange.  Price was 6.99 for four shots. With me again is my Official Male Opinion on Things™. The shot is a split plastic…shot..glass thing covered with foil. The foil is maddenly hard to take off so be prepared to ..peel..foil. Shut up, I’m tired. The smell of alcohol is prominent but you can also smell the orange.

Taste is…

Well, we tasted each side first. Coffee side tastes just like Brendan’s Irish Creme and the orange side tastes like…alcoholic orange.

Together they form a very strong but tasty shot. I’m actually very pleasantly surprised here.  It has a good burn but it’s not overpowering. You can also taste both elements and they work very well together.  Highly recommend it for someone who sucks at taking shots but wants to feel like part of the gang. Official Male Opinion on Things™?

OMOT™: Flavors mix well. I think of a chick who can’t take shots, it would be good for her. I’m secure in my manliness though and would be willing to drink one in a group. It’s a good sweet alternative to whiskey or tequila.

We’re inclined to keep the shot cups, they’re neat. Let’s hope they are washer safe.

Our ratings:

Presentation: Not very appealing, colors ain’t great. We liked the split though so C+

Taste: Surprisingly good! A-

Burn Factor: Really smooth, with a slight burn A

Risk of Getting “Love Shack” stuck in your head: A++

Overall: Would shoot again  B (will shoot again since they come in four packs.)

Crappy cell phone shot away!

Also, we have a very full bottle of Zwack’s left if anyone wants it…



(Twisted Shotz and anything else related to the shot itself is surely a trademark and has nothing as all to do with me except it’s in my tummy right now)

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